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// ------- three variables you MUST change below  -------------------------------------------------------

$replyemail="";//change to your email address

$valid_ref1="";// chamge "Your--domain" to your domain

$valid_ref2="";// chamge "Your--domain" to your domain

// -------- No changes required below here -------------------------------------------------------------

// email variable not set - load $valid_ref1 page



if (!isset($_POST['email']))


 echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\"><!--\n ";

 echo "top.location.href = \"$valid_ref1\"; \n// --></script>";





if($ref_page==$valid_ref1) $valid_referrer=1;

elseif($ref_page==$valid_ref2) $valid_referrer=1;




 echo "<script language=\"JavaScript\"><!--\n alert(\"ERROR - not sent.\\n\\nCheck your 'valid_ref1' and 'valid_ref2' are correct within contact_process.php.\");\n";

 echo "top.location.href = \"contact.html\"; \n// --></script>";



//check user input for possible header injection attempts!

function is_forbidden($str,$check_all_patterns = true)


 $patterns[0] = 'content-type:';

 $patterns[1] = 'mime-version';

 $patterns[2] = 'multipart/mixed';

 $patterns[3] = 'Content-Transfer-Encoding';

 $patterns[4] = 'to:';

 $patterns[5] = 'cc:';

 $patterns[6] = 'bcc:';

 $forbidden = 0;

 for ($i=0; $i<count($patterns); $i++)


   $forbidden = eregi($patterns[$i], strtolower($str));

   if ($forbidden) break;


 //check for line breaks if checking all patterns

 if ($check_all_patterns AND !$forbidden) $forbidden = preg_match("/(%0a|%0d|\\n+|\\r+)/i", $str);

 if ($forbidden)


  echo "<font color=red><center><h3>STOP! Message not sent.</font></h3><br><b>

        The text you entered is forbidden, it includes one or more of the following:

        <br><textarea rows=9 cols=25>";

  foreach ($patterns as $key => $value) echo $value."\n";

  echo "\\n\n\\r</textarea><br>Click back on your browser, remove the above characters and try again.

        </b><br><br><br><br>Thankfully protected by phpFormMailer freely available from:

        <a href=\"\"></a>";



 else return $str;


$name = is_forbidden($_POST["name"]);

$email = is_forbidden($_POST["email"]);

$thesubject = is_forbidden($_POST["thesubject"]);

$themessage = is_forbidden($_POST["themessage"], false);

$miocampo = is_forbidden($_POST["miocampo"], false);

$success_sent_msg='<p align="center"><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>

                   <p align="center"><strong>Your message has been successfully sent to us<br>

                   </strong> and we will reply as soon as possible.</p>

                   <p align="center">A copy of your query has been sent to you.</p>

                   <p align="center">Thank you for contacting us.</p>';

$replymessage = "Hi $name

Thank you for your email.

We will endeavour to reply to you shortly.

Please DO NOT reply to this email.

Below is a copy of the message you submitted:


Subject: $thesubject




Thank you";

$themessage = "name: $name \nQuery: $themessage $miocampo" ;




     "From: $email\nReply-To: $email");


     "Receipt: $thesubject",


     "From: $replyemail\nReply-To: $replyemail");

echo $success_sent_msg;


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